Bios of AstroJazz Artists

The Astronomy Chanteuse

Dr. Cherilynn Morrow is the creator of AstroJazz  for which she sings, writes songs, researches and delivers the astronomical commentary, collects and prepares imagery, and facilitates interactions with event partners and participants.  Thousands of people have been touched by AstroJazz events in a broad diversity of venues.  These events have involved dozens of musical collaborators and guest commentators.  Sponsors have thus far included NASA, arts and science organizations, private foundations, and a center for spirituality.  In September 2015, Cherilynn became a Fellow of the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Morrow earned her PhD in Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Colorado in 1988.  She conducted graduate research in solar physics at the National Center for Atmospheric Research and post-doctoral research at Cambridge University.  While serving as a visiting scientist at NASA Headquarters she began her award-winning efforts to integrate education and public outreach programs into scientific research environments in space and Earth science.  This work expanded and extended to integrating the arts during her leadership roles in science education at the Space Science Institute, the SETI Institute, and Georgia State University (GSU).  Morrow is also well versed in climate science education as a result of her NASA-sponsored activities while serving as an education-focused professor of physics & astronomy at GSU.

Cherilynn’s AstroJazz  commentary and musical offerings are enriched by the latest discoveries in space and Earth science as well as by her activities in education, research, and vocal training.  These adventures have included serving as a science faculty member for a Semester at Sea voyage around the world, blogging the 2007 launch of a Japanese moon mission (Kaguya) from the Tanegashima Space Center (for the Planetary Society), participating in vocal improvisation workshops with Rhiannon in Europe and Hawaii, offering commentary and song for NASA’s webcast of the 2012 Venus Transit of the Sun (from the summit of Mauna Kea), traveling on a 3-person team to collect auroral photography from the Arctic in 2013 and 2014, and providing archival research and field support for an archaeoastronomy research team in Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

AstroJazz Pianist (2008-present)

Alan Dynin is an Atlanta-based composer and pianist who has been playing professionally for over thirty years.  Alan has three solo piano CDs out, two of them all original.  He has been a featured performer for The North Carolina Jazz and World Music Society, the Circular Church Jazz Vespers Series (Charleston), The Atlanta Symphony Associates, and many other events, both large and small.  Alan is arguably one of the most versatile pianists in the Southeast.  He is an advanced performer of jazz and classical, as well as an innovative player of the blues, boogie, gospel, rock, ragtime, Latin rhythms, show tunes, and meditation music.

AstroJazz Pianist (2006-2008)

Doug Roche is a Denver-based jazz pianist who has been performing professionally in a large variety of venues since 1968.  Doug is an active member of the Denver Musician’s Association (DMA).  In addition to his freelance solo work, he currently plays with are the Denver Jazz Quartet which was a headliner act at the 2003 Queenstown Jazz Festival in New Zealand, PoeJazz (an eclectic blend of piano, bass and poetry), which performed at the 2000 International Association of Jazz Education conference in New Orleans.

The Original AstroJazz Pianist and Co-composer (2004-2005)

Paul Cotugno earned a Masters Degree in Jazz Studies from Indiana University in 1990. He has since been Music Director on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, toured with the Artie Shaw Orchestra, and toured with his jazz group in Japan. He is currently an active composer, arranger, teacher and performer in the Denver area. Paul owns two telescopes, and has can be found out on clear nights looking at the heavens.